Psychosomatic Therapy Training

Empower Your Life!

A 10-day course for you to receive this profoundly transformative therapy – and to learn to provide it for others. Now offered in two levels – see below!

Do you feel ready for a transition in your life?
Do you sense there’s more to your potential?
Would you like to live with more purpose, connection and empowerment?

Psychosomatic Therapy is the most effective way to realise these changes, and many more.

About This Course

Psychosomatic Therapy brings your conscious awareness to the relationship between your psyche (conscious and unconscious mind) and soma (body). It shows you why you are the way you are, highlighting your unique natural qualities, as well as anything that may be hindering your full and free expression.

This course is about remembering who you really are, free of the layerings of your personality, habitual attitudes, outdated beliefs and unconscious feelings. It is an opportunity to deeply release that which no longer serves you, and allow your true nature to shine once again.

This training is excellent for those who wish to develop themselves personally and/or professionally. The 10-day learning process takes you on a journey of self-transformation, in a space that is safe, open and held in the highest integrity. Upon completion of the course requirements, you will be fully qualified to start practicing this therapy in its own right, or to integrate it into your current work. Psychosomatic Therapy is highly complimentary with many natural therapies. It’s also invaluable for any profession that depends on quality personal interactions.

I look forward to leading you through this extraordinary journey, and truly seeing YOU at the end!

Curious? Want to know more? Contact me today to find out how this course can profoundly transform your life!

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Course Content

Now offered as Level 1 & Level 2

Level 1 of the training focuses on personal development, while Level 2 delves into providing the therapy at a professional level. If you’re mainly interested in this course for personal development, you can now simply attend Level 1. If you find you’re inspired to learn more, you can go on to Level 2. Many people attend the whole 10 days just for their own benefit and find it richly rewarding.

Course Units:

Photo of course facilitator, Nicholas Bestevaar

Licensed Teacher: Nicholas Bestevaar

Level 1:
Day 1: Psychosomatic Breakthrough: Orientation to Psychosomatic Assessment
Day 2: The Art of Reading Faces
Days 3-4: Body Mind Analysis
Day 5: Limbs, Joints & Feet
Day 6: The Language of the Hands
Level 2:
Day 7: Emotional Anatomy
Day 8: Emotional Release Bodywork
Day 9: Psychosomatic Diseases & Therapeutic Procedures
Day 10: Practitioner Clinic

For a detailed description of the content, please download the Course Outline.

Practitioner Certification Program


  • 12 months of ongoing learning support
  • 5 extra days of practical clinic supervision

Ongoing support for your learning and revision is available as an option for further study toward Practitioner Certification. You’ll receive personal guidance from me on specific questions, as well as 5 full days of practical revision and integration (one day per month). These workshops are designed to enhance and deepen your understanding of this amazing work. What’s more, these are currently offered at no extra cost to you! For specific dates and other details, please contact me.

Certification Requirements

Initial training7010
Clinical supervision142
Practical exercises – supervised (*optional - see below)213
Practical exercises – unsupervised~28~4
Self-paced study~28~4

*The practical exercises are required to complete certification; however, you have 3 options for how to do these:

  • 3 days in supervised clinic, complete the remainder on your own
    (approximately 4 days)
  • 3 days in supervised clinic, 3 days in private tuition
    (for an additional fee – see Course Fees)
  • do all the exercises on your own
    (approximately 7 days)

Please note, the “~” symbol shown above means “approximately”.

Training Fees

In terms of the value to you personally or professionally, this course is priceless. You’ll get invaluable tools for your lifelong learning and growth. If you choose to, you can make a rewarding career as a therapist. Plus, you can resit the course for FREE! (conditions apply) This means you can continue to further your development and learning.

Schedule of Fees

Totals$2294 minimum
$5181 maximum
Enrolment Deposit$955
Level 1 Training (balance)$1295
Level 2 Training$1500
Student Clinic$0
Private Tuition (optional)$375/day
Payment Plan Fee (optional)$145
RPL Application Fee*

*RPL Application Fee is charged by the Psychosomatic Therapy College for Recognition of Prior Learning. This is the final step in the Practitioner Certification Program. It converts your training with me to a Nationally-Accredited Certificate III professional qualification.

Tuition Fees

The course tuition fees cover the 10-day training component (Levels 1 & 2);
PLUS a further 12 months of ongoing support if you choose to complete the Practitioner Certification process (conditions apply).

There is currently no extra fee for you if you choose to attend the 5 extra training days as part of the Certification Program. Save $1500!

minimum deposit is required with enrolment. This is deducted from your Level 1 tuition fee.

Payment Plan

A payment plan is available for the remaining balance (full payment required within 3 months of course start date – please enquire for details).


Please note that set textbooks required for your learning are not included in the course fee. These can be purchased on the first day of the course for $66. Payment will be available by EFTPOS, credit card or cash.

Course Dates & Location

For course dates, times & location, click here.


Student Feedback

“I couldn’t have done anything more fulfilling and rewarding than this course. It gave me such a deep understanding and appreciation of myself and life just made sense on all levels. I am stunned how my body and awareness has changed in just a few days. This positive energy I wish to carry throughout and let it feed my goals and visions ahead. Thank you for helping me to make this happen!”

Vanessa, 2015

“Only mentioned yesterday to a friend how this course has transformed my life in all aspects and taken it to higher levels. I’m a much freer spirit these days and inspire many to initiate their own personal growth and healing :). Thanks for all the support you’ve ever given me Nicholas.”

Vanessa (follow-up), 2016

More to come…

General Information

  • This training is delivered under license from the Psychosomatic Therapy College. The parent course is part of the Nationally Recognised Training scheme, and is accredited by the Australian Qualifications Framework (course code 10484NAT). This is your guarantee of quality training that is recognised Australia-wide.
  • After completing this 10-day course, you have the option of completing further study which leads to receiving a Certificate III qualification. This involves an extra training fee and a small administrative fee.
  • The course is approved by Centrelink for Newstart recipients – enquire at your local office for details.

Resitting (for prior attendees)

If you’ve previously attended this course with another teacher, you are welcome to resit it with me as a complimentary guest. Resitting can be profound, as you realise how much you’ve changed and get the opportunity to go deeper with unresolved issues.

There is also the opportunity for certified graduates to assist me with the instruction, supporting course participants in their growth and learning.

To register to resit or assist, click here.


If you have any questions about this training, please call me on
0419 739 312 or email me. I’ll be more than happy to meet with you to discuss how this course will benefit you personally or professionally.

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Cancellation Policy

Your deposit guarantees your place in this incredibly rewarding training! It’s the anchor that provides a solid foundation for your transformation as a person and/or a practitioner.
The Commitment Period for this course is 6 weeks prior to the start date.

  • If you cancel your enrolment prior to the Commitment Period, you will forfeit your deposit.
  • If you cancel within the Commitment Period, you will forfeit 50% of the full course fee and be liable to pay any monies owing up to this amount.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of the course start date, you will forfeit the full course fee. Any monies owing at this time will remain payable in full.

For full details of the Courses cancellation policy, click here. Thank you for your understanding.