Sound Therapy

A form of energy healing, vibrational therapy uses sound waves to profoundly affect your energy bodies and cellular memory. Because the human body is around 70% water, even subtle vibrations are felt in the unconscious body-mind. These are then processed according to your Soul’s intention for your highest good. It’s possible to release deeply held emotions, clear past-life issues, reconnect with aspects of yourself long forgotten… and more.

Sound therapy instruments

Some of the instruments I use in group sound meditations. The instruments used in individual sessions may be different, but the clear & positive intention is the same.

Sound therapy uses a range of sacred instruments to facilitate a meditative soundscape, tailored specifically for you. An intention is held thoughout the treatment for the fulfillment of your highest good at that time; from there, the therapy process is performed intuitively. I believe that in this way, you always receive just what you need.

If you feel this may be for you, please contact me to make a booking or call to discuss your needs and treatment options.