Remedial Therapy

The human body is incredible! Every day it functions to support us in our journey through life. It has evolved to be self-sustaining and to maintain balance and harmony within according to its capacity. I find this fascinating and inspiring!

But, for many reasons, sometimes it doesn’t work as it should.

I work with people who are in pain, feeling stiff or tense, or have some other physical problem, and are open to addressing their problem holistically and naturally. Since 2007 I have been supporting people like you to return to harmony in areas where their bodies have become imbalanced.

My treatments focus on finding the source of dysfunction and allowing the body to utilise its natural healing abilities. To achieve this, I perform careful assessment and testing as appropriate to your condition. Then I use a range of sophisticated techniques to help you return to wellbeing, by addressing the cause as well as your symptoms.

Being a body-mind practitioner, I also suggest what your body might be saying about the mental and emotional aspects of your condition. This is, of course, entirely optional and up to you.

Some conditions require a number of treatments, or self-care, a referral to another practitioner or other investigations such as medical imaging. I will discuss these with you and recommend a treatment plan for you if necessary.

While I am proficient in treating common complaints such as back, shoulder and neck pain, I can also assist with postural correction, sporting & work injuries, pregnancy support, management of illness and more.

You deserve optimal wellbeing. You probably want to feel at your best and function with effectiveness and vitality. Depending on your needs, I am able to integrate elements of each modality to bring you the maximum benefit in each treatment.

I hold a Diploma of Remedial Massage from Endeavour College of Natural Health, widely recognised as one of the premier training institutions for natural therapies.

Health Fund Rebates are available for this service.