Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching is my own form of holistic energy work that addresses any aspect of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle in terms of energy healing.

Based on BodyMind Therapy, this treatment combines information and wisdom from a range of spiritual systems and traditions – including Astrology, Dan Millman’s Life Purpose System, Zen Buddhism, Mindfulness, Aikido, Taoism and much more.

In a safe and effective way, I help you see and feel the energetic relationships between what you’re facing in your life, your physical makeup, your personality traits and your emotional landscape. Once you’re aware of the energies at play, you have the chance to shift them.

In these sessions I draw on over 13 years of spiritual development and experience, to facilitate you gaining clarity and resolution with the challenges you face. The therapy may include consultation, body movement, clothed energy work, role play, vocal work, massage or sound therapy.

These sessions are offered in clinic, over the phone or online. Clinic sessions may be combined with therapeutic bodywork. Contact me for more information or make a booking here.