Ka Huna Bodywork


“To love is to share happiness”

I’m passionate about this beautiful form of bodywork and its potential for deep healing. My own journey as a practitioner of this sacred art has been profoundly transformative, and in giving treatments I share the blessings I have received with each and every Soul who visits my table.

The space I hold during each session is one of Aloha, which is compassion, caring, kindness, nurturing and unconditional love.

I’m here to offer you the chance to open your heart and reconnect with your true self.
To deepen into your essence of being and find your source of inner power and joy.
To free yourself from restrictions and be limitless.
To return to being in the present moment.
To know in your body that really, there is only love, and that deep down, you are love itself.
All of this is possible with this amazing bodywork – you just show up, and let go.

Watch a Ka Huna massage in action:


What length of appointment should I have?

For your first few sessions, I recommend a 90-minute appointment. Some Ka Huna practitioners offer a 1-hour treatment, but all my clients have said it’s barely enough time, you feel like you’re just about to relax really deeply and then it’s over. Once you’re familiar with Ka Huna it’s worthwhile to have a 2-hour deep healing massage.

I’ve heard that Ka Huna is done with the client naked. Why is this?

Usually for other forms of massage you wear your briefs. Ka Huna is a little different, because it comes from Hawai’ian culture, where traditionally they would just receive a healing massage unclothed. So normally for Ka Huna you’re unclothed, with of course a modesty towel to cover your buttocks and groin area. Being unclothed is also helpful because it’s an oil-based massage, and the flow of the massage is very holistic – it moves from your shoulder down your body to your leg and back again. This gives you a feeling of all the parts of your body being very connected and integrated, which results in a wonderful sense of wellbeing.

I don’t think I’d be comfortable being naked. Can I keep my underwear on?

Yes, absolutely! Most of my clients prefer to be unclothed, however some choose to keep their briefs on. I also have bandeaus for women if you prefer to keep your breasts covered. It’s totally up to you.

My friend said she cried during her Ka Huna. What’s that about?

Ka Huna can have an emotional effect on you. Sometimes people feel some negative emotion during the massage, which is natural. It’s called an emotional release. The magic of the massage is that if you just keep breathing deeply and relax, it passes. By the end of the massage, you’ll be feeling very blissful.

What are your qualifications?

I’ve completed Level 5 Ka Huna Bodywork training with the world-renowned Mettes Institute at High Spirits Retreat. I also hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, which gives me a unique knowledge of anatomy and physiology, and how to apply specific techniques for structural and functional healing.

“To receive Ka Huna Bodywork is to fully experience our humanness… and through our humanness, to deeply reconnect with our Divinity… and at last, we come to remember that they are one and the same.”

“Get Ka Huna’d”
to return to your bliss
and shift into a more vital way of being.