In keeping with a holistic approach to health & wellbeing, I offer a range of therapies to assist you. Depending on your needs, I can integrate elements of each modality to bring you the best results from each treatment. I uphold the highest standards of professional ethics and treat every client with deep respect, care and compassion.

Massage & Bodywork

If what you want is an excellent massage for relief of stress and physical tension, these are perfect:

Mind-Body Therapies

These modalities work holistically, facilitating healing for your mind, body, emotions and spirit. They are particularly effective for resolving whatever personal issues you may be facing at the time.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is excellent for general wellbeing, as well as for assisting healing of specific issues or conditions. The following modalities are gentle enough to be received by anyone, regardless of their age or state of health.

If you’re unsure which therapy is best for you, please contact me to discuss your needs.