Read what people are saying about my work:

“Nicholas I want to thank you for our session yesterday evening. Profound, and still rippling through me in waves of emotion and insight. Taking my mind out of the equation and staying present to my heart. With great love for you and your work.”
Honor Morningstar, 5Rhythms Dance instructor.

“After 5 days I’m still feeling relaxed, focused and happy. Nicholas gives such a beautiful flowing Ka Huna massage. He is sensitive, skilled and spot-on to what your needs are.”
Mette Sorensen, Founder of High Spirits Retreat and Ka Huna teacher.

“I entered another realm when having a massage from Nicholas. His sensitivity to my needs allowed me to feel extremely comfortable and fall into one of the deepest facilitated relaxations I have ever experienced. His warm, open minded nature allowed me to completely surrender to the massage, which is something I usually battle with. I have never had a Ka Huna massage before and I am looking forward to the next. I have never had such a beautiful, flowing, magical treatment. Anyone can give a massage but very few are so connected to you, the modality and themselves, which is the exact reason I encourage anyone to grant themselves permission to experience Nicholas’ Ka Huna massages.”
Katie J., student.

“Nicholas is a gifted practitioner. He has solid training and an in-depth understanding of the body, coupled with strong intuition, an open heart and a wise soul.”
Chantelle B., Program Officer.

“If you are looking to remove any thought process or physical ailment that is holding you back from your full potential, I highly recommend Nicholas Bestevaar (best-ever!). He assisted me with removal of certain mental/physical blockages over a period of months, with Psychosomatic Therapy.”
Liane C., small business owner.

“Thank you for the last session. And thanks for going gentle on me. I really wanted a nurturing massage and that’s just what I got and talking to you made all the difference. You are truly special.”
Isabella C., mother & small business owner.

“Thank you Nicholas, you are amazing and always get to the core of what I need and where. You’re gorgeous… thank you.”
Vanessa B., Business Coach.

“The gentle and supportive treatment I received from Nicholas brought my body and mind into balance, relaxation and flow. I highly recommend Ka Huna with Nicholas.”
Megan S., Personal Trainer.