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Wheels of Light Chakra Foundations (Jul.2015)

UPDATE: Individual classes now open to casual attendees! $40 per class

Are you in the dark about your chakras?
What are they? How do they work?
And how can understanding them benefit your life?

This ground-breaking 7-week course will answer these questions and many more for you. I’ll take you on a progressive journey of insight and self-development. Week by week, you’ll learn and integrate the foundations of each of your 7 main bio-energy centres, or chakras: Continue reading

Perfection is a Poor Subsitute for Action

I meet many people who consider themselves perfectionists – indeed I’m a reformed perfectionist myself. How this plays out for many people is that they unwittingly impose certain standards on themselves, others, a project or situation. Whatever doesn’t meet these standards is deemed “not good enough” or “not right yet”. Often they will refrain from starting a new venture or completing an ongoing task because of an unconscious fear – usually of failure or being judged. Thus they either never begin or never complete the undertaking, and their energy stagnates. It gets caught up in mental projections of what is ideal.

These people often show certain physical characteristics which reveal their personality – a face that is taller than it is wide (high ideals), an upturned nose (aiming high) or a backward-tilted head (head in the clouds). They may also stand with knees locked (fear of stepping out) or low foot arches (feeling unsupported to be who they are here and now).

So how can a perfectionist achieve better balance? One way is to regularly take grounded action. In terms of healing, any action is preferable to inaction due to idealism. And grounded action – action that is realistic, doable, considered and undertaken with present moment awareness – is typically more effective than random activity. The idea is to move the energy – not necessarily to achieve an outcome, but simply to get the flow going. Because life is constantly moving & changing, the universe is continually flowing – the more we move with the flow, the easier it is to move toward our goals.

A friend of mine used to joke, “The only thing that’s perfect is the Universe. So if we try to be perfect, the Universe gets very offended.”

So, to reframe the title of this post in the positive:

“Any action I take is better than being stuck in perfection.”

What action can you take today that will free up your energy and help you move forward?

Please feel free to comment & discuss.