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Life is Precious

Last night I went to visit a friend of my family who is seriously ill and facing an uncertain future. My mum had called me a couple of weeks ago to say he’d be in the area, visiting his friends for what might be the last time. So I drove an hour and a half into the Sunshine Coast hinterland to where he’s staying.

This is a man who’s known me since I was a small child. I remember many fun times and laughs in those years, and a lot of times when he looked after me and my sister. Of course I have a busy schedule and other commitments, but how could I pass up the chance to see him? Well, the visit was great and once again there were good times.

What I came away from that with, was a profound sense that life is so precious. I don’t know about you, but I go about my daily life as if I’m going to live forever. Clearly, this is highly unlikely. But I get involved with what’s going on in my little sphere, and I get concerned about this or that, I dream about the future and make my plans. All the while, there are people all over the world living very different experiences to mine.

Life is precious. We only really have today. We all know that, but for many of us it’s only at times like this that we realise it. So call someone you love. Call someone just because they’re in your life. Smile at a baby. Smile at a stranger – they’re human, just like you or me. Visit someone who’s sick or dying. Attend a funeral. Or a wedding. Throw a party. Say you’re sorry. Show someone you love them. Connect, and share. And however you spend today, remember at least once, to breathe, slowly and deeply.

Namaste everyone.


Photo by Jan Jelinek.

Photo by Jan Jelinek.