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Friday Faces: Hook Nose

She looks for precision and balance.

She looks for precision and balance.

Today we start exploring the powerful Nose!

As the feature that protrudes furthest out, the nose is the leader of our faces. It is the projection of our personality and “nose” where we’re heading. The size, shape and qualities of our nose say a great deal about our relationship with ourselves, with power, authority, action and will.

The nose you see here is an aquiline nose (from Latin, meaning “eagle-like”). It’s also known as a bent, Roman or hook nose. The presence of the bump, or bend, in the ridge, is the defining characteristic.

A person with this kind of nose values precision, balance and order. She would choose her words carefully, have a sharp set of kitchen knives, and select the right tool for the job. She would tend to look at both sides of an argument and find an effective compromise. Her home would be tidy. She would do well in tasks requiring precise measurement, calculation or adjustment. She’d make a good manager, organiser, scientist, accountant or technician.

Generally speaking, the more prominent the bend, the more strongly the person will display these personality traits. However, they may be balanced out by other facial features.

Do you know anyone with this feature in their nose? Ask them if this is true!

See you next week for another Friday Faces.