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Friday Faces: Bushy Eyebrows


Enthusiastic and passionate – yet he may tend to overdo things.

Being the great communicators of the face, the eyebrows express the degree of understanding between the head and the heart.

Eyebrows that are thick and bushy show a great deal of enthusiasm and vitality to pursue the things he’s passionate about. Depending on the degree of thickness, the person’s enthusiasm may tend toward aggression at times.

When eyebrow hairs grow in different directions, as seen in this photo, it shows inner conflict between a restless energy that likes to take on challenges, and a loss of vitality due to stress or overwhelm. This can cause difficulty in decision making, and may result in poor choices or irritability. This person would be well advised to listen to his heart and body, allowing his natural vitality to replenish on a regular basis.

Next Friday, I’ll share insights into the power of the nose!