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Friday Faces: Broad Nose

He’s not called “The Rock” for nothing.

Well, today we’re really exploring the power of the nose as an expression of identity and emotionality. Check out this nose! It’s broad, fleshy and even has a little redness around the nostrils – more on that later.  Continue reading

Freedom From the Past

Are you free of your past?

Are you free of your past?

This image popped up on Instagram recently and inspired me to write.
If this image is your copyright, please let me know.

Most of us don’t really see what is happening right in front of us. We think we know what’s happening, but most of the time, our brain is filtering out a vast amount of information that it regards as irrelevant. How does it decide what’s relevant and what’s not? By referring to what it knows from our past experiences. Continue reading