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Spring Clean Your Mojo

clueless-fashionMany people know the benefit of a good Spring Clean. It freshens things up. It de-clutters your place. Basically it makes you feel more spacious, energised and peaceful. But why does it make us feel so good? How does that work? Well, being a Psychosomatic Therapist, I look at it from the perspective of emotional energyContinue reading

The Darkness is Known by the Light

There is a deep, deep evil in me. A demon – my shadow. It’s good to meet him again, in meditation. Fully present with him. Feeling his raw energy. He’s very emotional and very expressive. I’m just there, silently hearing him out, giving him full permission to express himself. After a while he changes and I find he’s not really bad – he’s really quite a lovely bloke. He’s just me when I’ve forgotten who I really am.

A wise person once said to me, “The darkness is known by the light… Not the other way around.”

Beating the Winter Blues Through Feeling

Has the Winter bug caught up with you? Then I have good news. If you’re doing battle with a cold or flu, there’s a wonderful opportunity here. Not only a chance to slow down or stop altogether, taking the time for rest and recovery… but also the chance to heal on a deeper level. How? By connecting with the emotion in your illness. Continue reading