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5 Ways to Embody the Conscious Masculine

The Conscious Masculine is an archetype to be used as a reference point – not an ideal to be lived up to.

Recently, I was asked what suggestions I have for men wanting to better themselves. I was inspired to come up with the following five tips as an introduction to the concept of the “Conscious Masculine”.  Continue reading

The Darkness is Known by the Light

There is a deep, deep evil in me. A demon – my shadow. It’s good to meet him again, in meditation. Fully present with him. Feeling his raw energy. He’s very emotional and very expressive. I’m just there, silently hearing him out, giving him full permission to express himself. After a while he changes and I find he’s not really bad – he’s really quite a lovely bloke. He’s just me when I’ve forgotten who I really am.

A wise person once said to me, “The darkness is known by the light… Not the other way around.”