Could Massage Heal an Unexplained Throat Pain?

Today I discovered a probable solution to a client’s long-standing throat problem. She said that every couple of months, she gets a very strong pain in her throat, as if her oesophagus was being pulled from within. Continue reading

When Life Feels Strong


Just like having a massage, sometimes life will ask more of you.
More than you’re used to.
Its intention is to bring you out of your comfort zone, so you can transform, grow, realign, rebalance… Continue reading

Health Fund Rebates Are Back


Great news!

After a long time off the providers register, I’m now reinstated as a recognised provider to Australian health funds. This includes all the major funds, as well as most of the smaller ones.

To claim a rebate, simply fill in the online form from your health fund. If you need my provider number for your fund, just drop me a line.

Bear in mind that most private health insurance policies only cover you for a limited amount of extras per year. Also, not all of my services will be eligible for rebates. For more details, just ask me.

Click here to read about my policy on health fund rebates.