Email Therapy


Need support but don’t have time for a session?

Got a quick question about health, wellbeing or conscious living?

Looking for a suggestion or recommendation?

I’ve begun to dedicate time to supporting clients via email. This is free of charge, and if it becomes too in-depth for email, I’ll suggest a phone or Skype call.

Feel free to contact me – I’m very happy to help.

Health Fund Rebates Are Back


Great news!

After a long time off the providers register, I’m now reinstated as a recognised provider to Australian health funds. This includes all the major funds, as well as most of the smaller ones.

To claim a rebate, simply fill in the online form from your health fund. If you need my provider number for your fund, just drop me a line.

Bear in mind that most private health insurance policies only cover you for a limited amount of extras per year. Also, not all of my services will be eligible for rebates. For more details, just ask me.

Click here to read about my policy on health fund rebates.

Best Ever Health Therapies is Transforming!

IMG_3505_BEHT-NBEVIn just a few weeks, Best Ever Health Therapies will step aside to make way for my new business identity – Nicholas Best Ever!

For over a year now, I’ve been feeling to simplify things and be more myself in the world. I want my business to reflect this, too, with a new identity that better represents who I am now.

So as of March 21st, I’ll be trading under my own name—Nicholas Bestevaar—but because Dutch names aren’t easy for Aussies to spell, I’m also using the alias “Nicholas Best Ever” (a word play coined by several of my clients!). There’ll also be a new website with a fresh look & feel.

Stay tuned for updates on the launch in March…


A New Chapter for Best Ever Health


A wonderful transition is currently talking place at Lightworkers Cottage – the amazing Centre for Conscious Living that I’ve been blessed to be part of for the last 6 years. Barbara George has done an incredible job running this centre, and I’ve learned and grown so much from her. In January, it will reopen under the guidance of Luna Wood, a gifted healer and teacher who I’ve been proud to work alongside of.

After much soul searching, I feel this is the natural completion of a chapter in my career. Continue reading