When Life Feels Strong


Just like having a massage, sometimes life will ask more of you.
More than you’re used to.
Its intention is to bring you out of your comfort zone, so you can transform, grow, realign, rebalance… Continue reading

If You’re Too Busy, Try Mindfulness

Many people find their lives too busy, a lot of the time. mindfulness_poster_UKOften we think we just need to get enough things done, or drop some of our commitments, in order to solve this problem. But in my experience, as well as that of many people I’ve worked with, it’s our inner state of mind that makes the difference. One of the most effective methods of achieving life balance is mindfulness.  Continue reading

Creating Space for Spirit

I’m often asked by clients, “How do I start a spiritual practice?”

A sacred space can be simple or elaborate.

A sacred space can be simple or elaborate.

They generally ask this question in the context of needing something to uplift their mood, to bring more calmness or to connect with meaning in their life. There can be many reasons to seek a better way of living.  Continue reading

5 Ways to Embody the Conscious Masculine

The Conscious Masculine is an archetype to be used as a reference point – not an ideal to be lived up to.

Recently, I was asked what suggestions I have for men wanting to better themselves. I was inspired to come up with the following five tips as an introduction to the concept of the “Conscious Masculine”.  Continue reading