Every Body is Beautiful

“My body is beautiful.”

Six women of varying shapes & sizes.

Image courtesy of Dove.

Is this true for you? Or not? Do you experience your body as beautiful? I don’t mean attractive, handsome, sexy or anything like that. I mean inherently beautiful, for no other reason than it is your body.

In Kahuna and Lomi Lomi bodywork, every body is considered beautiful, because it is the home of your unique being.

Some of us may not like our bodies. Most of us have heard that inner voice saying things like,
“My thighs/butt/belly is too fat”
“I need to lose a few kilos”
“If only I were more muscled” Continue reading

Applying Pono (effectiveness) for harmony & flow

Lately I’ve been focusing on the Huna principle “Pono”, which is “effectiveness is the measure of truth” – in other words, “How is that working for you?”. If something isn’t working that well, maybe there’s another way that suits more effectively? Asking the question, “Is this my truth?” or “Is this way bringing harmony/flow/abundance etc.?” can be very productive. This can be applied to all sorts of things – daily schedules, work procedures, beliefs, attitudes, communication or just about anything. When we know our truth, we can stand more fully in our mana (power).

For example, I’ve just rearranged my standing appointment timeslots to allow my work day to flow better. It took a little fine tuning, and it will require me to be out of bed a little earlier… 🙂 but I can already feel how much more effective it’s going to be, for me and for the wonderful people who come to see me.

Of course, any adjustment to our way of being or doing requires some change from us, which isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it’s downright scary. We have to do things differently, take risks, assert ourselves, step outside our comfort zone, reach beyond our limits… but this is how we grow and evolve. The payoff is always worth the risk or effort. I love working with people to realise these positive changes in their lives, I find it highly rewarding.

Is there a shift you could make today to bring more effectiveness or harmony into your life?