Nicholas Bestevaar

I’m passionate about integrating spiritual development with physical, emotional and mental health. I hold a space for people to feel heard, felt and guided in a supportive, safe way as they move towards a truer experience of themselves. My work asks, “How can you be more open, present, empowered and loving?”.

My sessions are grounded in a practical understanding of health sciences, while guided by the holistic nature of true healing. Where appropriate for each person, I intuitively include elements of various spiritual traditions.

In 12 years of exploring health & spirituality, I’ve come to believe that no matter where we’re at in life, a holistic approach can bring us our best ever experience of health & wellbeing. This has inspired my business name, “Best Ever Health Therapies” – which is also a play on my surname (I enjoy play and languages).

My initial professional training was in Remedial Massage in 2009. I knew then that in time, I would be working beyond the limitations of a purely physical paradigm. I still use much of that knowledge and the techniques, which form a really practical foundation for healing on other levels.

I then developed mind-body-spirit approaches to health through Psychosomatic Therapy and Ka Huna Bodywork, both of which have brought profound results in my treatments, as well as for myself personally. Over the past years, I’ve continued to explore various dimensions of life and spirituality through workshops, courses and personal practice.

A large part of my spiritual training was through a martial art known as Aikido, or “The Art of Peace”. This was a profound training that fostered harmony in the student – within themselves, with others, and in their relationship with their world and the natural environment. I was fortunate to train in a dojo that focused moreso on the energy and philosophy of the art, rather than perfection of techniques.

Another experience that had a profound impact on me was assisting in the development and publishing of a set of insight cards called “Geodyssia: Pathways to Process”. The author and my mentor at the time, Pat Lleiss, introduced me to a way of connecting and relating with the natural world as a reflection of my inner self. This brought me to a deeper experience of being part of a greater whole – centred, unified, complete and perfect in imperfection.

I love working with people and enjoy seeing them grow and change for the better. If you feel to explore a new way of being, I would love to support you. Call me or the Cottage to book a session or have a chat about what I can offer you.