Could Massage Heal an Unexplained Throat Pain?

Today I discovered a probable solution to a client’s long-standing throat problem. She said that every couple of months, she gets a very strong pain in her throat, as if her oesophagus was being pulled from within. It was impossible to swallow, and caused her deep distress, often in the middle of the night, with fears of a heart attack. Throat-PainDoctors have been unable to diagnose it, but have prescribed painkillers and a muscle relaxant to relieve the discomfort.

In the course of applying Remedial Massage to her neck and shoulder muscles, we discovered trigger points in two muscles that together reproduced the same pain when massaged. Now these muscles are the usual suspects – part of a group of muscles that typically get out of balance and tend to produce pain. But I’ve never heard of this kind of pain caused by trigger points before. And I’ve been doing this for 8 years now.

To me, this just goes to show that we’re all unique, our bodies are absolutely amazing, and there’s much more to health & healing than we’ve yet discovered. Nobody has all the knowledge or answers, and we need to collaborate to get the best outcomes.

I’m looking forward to following up with this client to see if we can truly resolve this particular problem with therapeutic massage. I hope to be able to post an update in a couple of weeks.

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