Friday Faces: Outward Sloping Eye


For him, love is more important than personal gain.

Welcome back to Friday Faces! I’m thrilled to share with you another deep insight into our amazing humanity.

When an eye is set lower at the outer corner than at the inner corner, it shows a person who identifies more with love than with personal gain or power. His own ambitions tend to include others – whether family, a partner, community or the whole of humanity. There’s a sense that “we” is more important than “me”.

He has a sensitive heart that will readily empathise with others – he would often have the experience of “I feel you”. He prefers to see the best in people, and if not careful, may easily be taken in by a hard luck story.

His kind and generous nature wins him many friends, but may at times be to his own detriment, as his needs can get lost in consideration of the greater good. At times like these, he may feel sorry for himself and perhaps tend toward depression, especially if he focuses on what’s wrong with the world, rather than how much love is in life. He makes a loyal partner and likes a lasting relationship.

Healthy habits for this heart-centred person would be to remember to attend to his personal needs and develop a sound sense of self that is independent of his loved ones. Also to laugh long and often with friends and family.

Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Faces, when we’ll be looking at eyebrows!


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