Friday Faces: Inward Slanting Eye

She likes to look into the heart of things - including herself.

She likes to look into the heart of things – including herself.

Welcome to Friday Faces!

Each week I’ll be bringing you insights on the Psychosomatic meaning of specific facial characteristics.

This week’s feature: Inward Slanting Eye

When an eye is set higher at the outer corner than at the inner corner, it shows a person’s mental gaze tends to turn inward to his or her emotions. This person is drawn to look into the heart of things to discover their true nature.

She also tends to use her mind to evaluate her own heart. This can be very helpful for self-awareness, but if done too often or for too long, can lead to self-criticism. She may also tend to be critical or judgemental of others.

Meditation is helpful for this person to align her mind with a higher understanding. This will enhance soulful awareness and reduce egoic criticism.

You may be wondering, what if a person’s eye slants outward, instead of inward? Stay tuned for next week’s Friday Faces for the answer.

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