Finding Myself Again

“When I started seeing Nicholas, I had just quit my very stressful job. I was stuck in bad habits of over-eating and drinking and not exercising. I felt on a downward spiral into an unhappy and unhealthy existence. I needed to change they way I lived and my outlook on life but I needed guidance on how to find myself again.

Nicholas has been instrumental in helping me get my life back on track, both emotionally and physically, by releasing unwanted baggage that I had been carrying around for years. He helped me to start moving towards a well-balanced, happy and healthy life.

Nicholas has shown me how to reconnect with my body, mind and spirit. This has made me a better person and I am enjoying life once again. I am rediscovering the person I used to be! I have an improved quality of life, I’m eating better, I’ve started exercising again and have a positive outlook towards my life and others.

My mother has also benefited immensely from her sessions with Nicholas and her anxiety has significantly decreased.

It has taken me a lifetime to find such a gifted healer and I feel blessed that our paths have crossed. I look forward to continuing our sessions for many years to come.”

Jen, 42.

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