From Drug Addiction to Marathon Champion

Brisbane Running Festival

A client of mine recently reached one of her personal goals, and invited me to share her story with you. Her name has been changed at her request.

Natalie originally came to see me for relief from tension & stress. Finding the initial session beneficial, she returned for a follow-up and mentioned she was trying to give up a marijuana addiction, which she’d been using for roughly 30 years. Whenever she stopped smoking, she’d have withdrawal symptoms of anxiety with sweaty palms and feet – so it was easier to go back to it. Natalie also experienced insomnia and used marijuana to help her sleep. Although she was successful in her career and had a good family life, she felt it was preventing her from fully being herself. She told me it was time for her to give it up for good.

What followed was a series of five Psychosomatic Therapy treatments, in which Natalie gradually released the family trauma that started her use of marijuana. By the end of these, she no longer felt the desire to smoke. She was sleeping well through the night, with no anxiety or other withdrawal symptoms. She then saw me for another four sessions, in which she resolved some related family dynamics.

Natalie came to see me again recently to help her prepare for her first full marathon run. She’d been training well and was in good shape for it, but wanted to consolidate herself mentally and energetically.

Here’s the result:

“Hi Nicholas. Update: my marathon went magnificently. I was calm and at ease throughout. The whole thing flowed by comfortably. I ran a better time than I’d thought I would, and spent the last ten kilometres getting faster and stronger, passing hundreds of people and feeling growing happy power. It was a perfect run. Thank you for your part in it.”

Every day I feel honoured to be helping make a difference for people.

In love & light,

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