Nicholas Away Next Week for 2 Weeks

Dear friends, I have important news. I had such a profound experience last week communing with the whales and the ocean in Hervey Bay, so much so that I’ve been called to return next week. This means I won’t be available for treatments from next week until 26 September (as I’ll be attending Psychosomatic Teachers’ training straight after the retreat). So please if you’d like a treatment, try to get in this week, there are a few sessions available still… or book in with one of the other fabulous therapists at Lightworkers Cottage (07 3358 2045). I’ll also have to cancel the SoulShine meditation this Sunday – I’m so sorry to do that, I know how much people look forward to it. But my soul needs this, I know you’ll understand. Blessings to all, I look forward to connecting with you this week or after I return from this huge period of growth and healing. 🙂 xo



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