Nicholas Bestevaar

Nicholas Bestevaar

Best Ever Health Therapies offers a range of holistic health treatments and related events, with a focus on spiritual development as an integral part of health and wellbeing. A guiding principle in this work is that as we each align with our true nature, we develop balance, integrity and authenticity. In this way, we contribute to a better world and the wellbeing of the planet.

My work is based around the seven primary energy centers, or chakras, and how they guide and govern our wellbeing on all levels.

Therapies offered include:

Each of these modalities may be combined to give you the most effective treatment, while each session is specifically tailored to your needs for that visit. For more information on these therapies, click here.

Contact me today to arrange your appointment – a step toward achieving your best ever health & wellness.

I also offer a training course in Psychosomatic Therapy, which can transform you life both personally and professionally. Click here for information.

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